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V-Tube Washer

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[Atis Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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  • Compact design &small foot-print
  • Low chemical & DIW consumption
  • Touch panel operation with PLC control
  • Mode : Auto mode, Manual mode
  • Easy input & edit of process parameters
  • Real-time display of system condition
  • Multy-interlocks for Human safety


  • Quartzware size : Up to for 300mm quartzwares
  • Quartzware type : Inner/Outer tube, Boat, Pedestal,..
  • Application chemical :HF, HNO3,...
  • 2PVDF cleaning chambers
  • 2Chemical mixing tank with recirculation function
  • Nozzle : Top, Bottom, Side, Flexible,...
  • Rotary top-side jet nozzles
  • Transparency door with DIW cleaning & N2 purge
  • Ph meter installation
  • N2 heater for quartz and chamber drying
  • T/C cleaning function with end-cap


  • Initial quartzwares cleaning
  • Oxide quartzwares removal
  • TEOS quartzwares removal
  • HTO quartzwares removal
  • Nitride quartzwares removal
  • Poly quartzwares removal
  • Other quartzwares cleaning